What are those lights called that YouTubers use?

Those lights are called lights. This is just a word. This is not the name of the city, state, or country. This is not the name of the restaurant. This is not the name of the town. This is not the name of any product. Just a word. I never liked this word. I mean, let me be more specific. All I wanted to do is make people think. I tried to make those people think. And it happened. I didn’t know how. I just wanted them to think. And I did in a very special way.

What’s in your kitchen?

Well, I think, you have to figure it out. I don’t like to cook.

What’s in your refrigerator, and what’s out there waiting for you once you make a meal?

Everything. My fridge looks like the kitchen of a movie set where you want to take stuff out and give it to people. And when I cook, I don’t take stuff out. I cook in the other kitchen so I can make more dishes I know people like. It’s hard to figure it out.

How is it different than the one we’re used to?

I have more imagination. I don’t like to leave things behind. I like to have things in the refrigerator, not because I can’t see how that could be good, but because I think it’s very satisfying to just take some things out of my mind, throw them to the counter and say, “Let’s see what we can do with them.” I mean, that is very satisfying, for me.

What do you do with all that stuff?

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When I eat, I like to have something for dessert. I like to have a dessert. We have a dessert menu. And I think sometimes it’s better if I put it on a shelf. At the dinner table, when I go to put the dinner, I like to do it in the fridge. It’s good for people in the room. I like to just throw stuff in the bottom.

Who knows how long this will be the same.

I always want to know how long it’ll last. I’m always afraid of it lasting longer than I have a second thought about it. Like, I’ll be in this hotel room in the city, and I’m thinking about going, “I need more cookies.” And then I’ll be in the room in New York or somewhere, and I don’t