What are those lights called that YouTubers use? – How To Shoot Videos

Are they safe?

They are called “bright orange” or “red strobe lights” from the manufacturer, and can be anything from tiny LED lights to very large LEDs. As long as the bulbs are not going to throw up any kind of harmful radiation and look good in their photos, I think they are a good choice of lights to use. They also are cheap, since you pay for the bulb and it lasts awhile. Also, the smaller the light you are using, the longer it will last. Just try to choose the right size.

The lights are the easiest to see. I use them to create the “flash” I call “Flamethrower Style”, it starts up with a very quick burst of flame (about 1/2 second) and lasts a bit longer than the red strobe lights.

Now, you are going to start setting the camera up and making it look really neat with a little bit of luck and your own skill. You need to get the lens level of your camera, or adjust the viewfinder by using a little red dial. Then, take your two red strobe lights and stick one in each camera lens. Now you will know there are two lights there, and you will be able to distinguish them if you have the right lens setup on the camera. Then set the camera, using the lenses, to the “flash mode”, select “auto”, and do not look at anything else. Remember, you need three lights, in the same manner, so a white light should be nice to have on you with no need to set them up. Once the flash is fully on, go back to the camera and make sure it is not recording anymore, then turn the camera off and let it go to sleep for about 30 seconds. You will need to put a little “lense” on one of the flashes, like in the picture below, with a red knob to get an open area where you can put it.

Now, once you have your lights, you aren’t really looking for one, since you can get any kind of colors you might need, the best one, is the pink color. I use them with some very basic photos of my cats, they do great for that.

In the next posts we will go over things we need to know about lights. I don’t want to get into too much detail, since this is my first time actually doing these, but I just wanted to provide you with an extra step before you start to

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