What app plays music during a video?

A: There are four apps that play your music when you record. There is a paid version for those that want to access the free version, but this paid version is only for the music itself. The free version also has an automatic pause when recording is complete, something that many users don’t know the first time around. It’s also worth commenting that all the music apps that allow you to record are free to use.

B: YouTube

B: Google Play Music

C: Spotify

C: Facebook

Here they areā€¦

A: Spotify

A: YouTube

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E: Google Play Music

A: Facebook

All of these apps play music during the video so it really is all about personal preference. Google Play Music and Facebook are probably the obvious choices for those who want to use Spotify to play Spotify music directly. That way you can always just switch back to playing the music on your regular device in the case of a crash.

YouTube is a decent choice for those that only like to record audio, not use YouTube on the main page. I am not a fan of Spotify since the ads can be annoying for music lovers. If you don’t have your device connected and want to play music, however, YouTube is a really nice option, especially if you are running an app that supports the music streaming feature.

Finally, Facebook has an album art feature you will find on the app when you record. I really liked this new addition but it’s not a must have feature. It will be something you notice during use if you see this feature in the latest version.

Do you have any favorite apps that I missed? Feel free to comment below!

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