Is video editing hard?

That’s because it’s not. You can watch some great content on YouTube, like videos of cat video games, or a cat singing, or a cat running around. These are fun things to watch. But there are a thousand other kinds of programming online, such as:

a game where you win by feeding the cat, or by writing a sentence, or by having the cat go into your car

a video game where you have to race the cat around a course

a visual story, so your cat will see everything visually, but you see what she really has to do

a computer game where the cat is going to see a lot of different things and you can interact with her by doing things such as telling her to sit, to play with a toy, to look at the mouse, to do something like “put it on the floor,” and so on

a game where you have to be on the phone at all times and the cat thinks she is somewhere else in the world, the cat will hear her when she is on your phone, you have to give her a treat (which is a computer program)

The Beginner's Guide to Lifestyle Filmmaking
These programs are easy to make with a few lines of code, and you can try them for 30 minutes. There’s a lot of great content online, and you can find many other options with no code or just a couple lines of CSS (if you have the time).

If you are not ready to make your first video, you know how to edit videos with a computer. It’s really possible, too. Go for it.

You might ask: “Where do I start?” A lot of people say:

Go buy a bunch of gear, like a DSLR and a tripod

Go learn a new software

Create your own little software package, called a video editor

A good editor will make your videos look good, and they will make your content interesting. If something really needs a lot of work though, get a professional with a budget. The good thing is that they don’t ask a lot of questions, and they can save you lots of time.

I wrote a book, “The Video Editors Guide To Creating Awesome Videos”

Check out the web site at

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