Is video editing hard? – Shooting Steady Video

How can you keep learning if you don’t have something to compare yourself with?

How can someone who has been doing so well for so long be so surprised by someone who doesn’t even have a YouTube account?

How can you know your work is complete without some sort of reference?

You might think it is impossible to learn something new in two months – but what if you tried?

If you take a year off from YouTube, I’m sure you’ll be ready to pick up your work again as you go.


It might sound obvious, but if you are going to learn how to edit a video you should start now.

It takes as long as it is to learn to swim – with that said, you can learn a lot faster.

The point I’m trying to make here is, if you want to learn to edit a video you need to start making a commitment.

You have to dedicate yourself to the process at least for the next two months.

If you’ve been doing things properly for a while yet, with nothing new to show, you can’t realistically expect to get better in two months on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, I am aware of this process and it is one I do as a hobby and not a job.

If you take a video course, the learning curve for me might be very high compared to others, and that wouldn’t affect me at all.

However, it may be that you might want to learn to edit a video more quickly – and that’s because of all the good information that I’ve provided.

A few months from now, your skills will have improved and you can expect to be doing something a little harder than now.

This is the nature of the game, I just wish I had a better solution.

Here are a few things you must take into consideration while taking this on –

Go for a week, a week and a half

Make sure you do it right by watching the lessons in person

Do not just watch the lesson

Watch and practice in your living room every day

Remember it takes 10,000 hours to be a master

This does not mean you should rush or that you should give it the ‘biggest chance’ ever.

You must be patient and not rush out.

I could have made a video about everything in 2 hours, but what if it’s

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