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Maybe. But what if it doesn’t have to be?
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A quick look at YouTube’s analytics shows the company has been adding a lot of features to its free service. The company now integrates its own service, as well as native platforms and third-party tools. In a world of free software, an extra service that lets you edit videos on YouTube is a welcome addition.

To make that happen, you have to install the Open Editor plugin on your Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer editing software; you then need to link your files. If you don’t have a subscription, you won’t be able to upload.

The reason for that (assuming that you have a good internet connection and know how to read the documentation) is to allow people who install Open Editor on their machines to easily edit videos on YouTube. You only need a video to be free and open to YouTube, and we’ve heard you’ll need Adobe Reader to be able to work with YouTube.

It will take some time to make those changes in the Adobe software, but the plugin will be available for the rest of Premiere Pro, after the software is released as a free update to all users.

How It Works

Before you attempt to edit on YouTube (or any other web format, since that includes mobile), you’ll need to make sure your videos aren’t being watched by anyone else. That’s the first step to any new editing work.

You need to make sure your videos are either private or on a public channel. YouTube has a few public channels, as does Vimeo and Vimeo Live. You also can use the “Edit” link in your YouTube videos menu to share a video to a public channel with a short note to the creators about whether they’d appreciate to be featured on the video after people have watched their video.

Then you need to make sure you have enough disk space on your machine to store two videos in your own YouTube account. You can create as many accounts as you want, in case a creator tries to stop your own account from running with a few thousand views.

The third thing you can do is to create a shared video in the YouTube interface, which you can link to a YouTube playlist or upload directly to a channel.

If you’re not sure about this, read our explainer.

Once the videos you want to edit are in a shared location, you just go to any site and link them to YouTube. The two files needed for

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