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On December 10, the New York Times published an article entitled: “How the CIA Has Spied on America’s Friends.” What the article is not about is the fact that the United States government has been using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to spy on its friendly and friendly governments for the last fifteen years.

Instead, it’s about something else: how this information about us has been used in the past. The CIA and the NSA are using this information not only to spy on their own friends but also to spy on their enemies.

So they say, and they do. Just last year, the New York Times featured a lengthy essay by Edward Snowden entitled: Who Is Edward Snowden?

And, so it is with the Obama administration. The Obama administration spies both on its own allies and on its enemies.

As has been established many times, Snowden is both the whistleblower that exposed these programs and the intelligence source that leaked some of these documents.

Now, in the face of the fact that some countries are trying to keep the public from knowing that these programs exist, we can examine the claims they are making.

For example, in the interview he gave to NBC News, Snowden denied any connection to the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, which the Kremlin claims is attempting to undermine U.S. democracy because the United States has the potential to dominate the entire planet with nuclear weapons.

Snowden asserted:

There’s been a bunch of attacks against me as an American whistleblower. People think I’m a Russian spy. If you look at what’s happening in my country, it’s entirely possible my leaks helped the FSB because that’s what they

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