Is GoPro good for music videos?

Probably not.
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To illustrate both the power of GoPro and their limitations, here are 11 videos from a few years ago that are worth looking at while considering whether or not GoPro is good for music videos.

Video 1:

The music video from GoPro uses it’s two-axis gyroscope to measure the movement of the camera’s camera mount. To do that, the camera needs to move through room spaces while keeping the tracking area constant. In the early 90s we began watching movies based on real-time live scenes by having the cameras act like movable lights, moving in different directions and tracking movement from the actors on screen.

This kind of technology, while a long-winded way of saying that music video footage could be used to tell a more interesting story, was actually rather limited by how it was used. Some movies did use the technology, but it could do very little more than make footage of actors walking around with different outfits on look pretty cool. The technology was also really expensive – there were few companies to make gyroscopes with cheap enough power and they never reached widespread usage.

As the technology evolved and new technologies were developed (or perhaps because of them), music video shot with a gyroscope became much more commonplace, and many film makers began to incorporate it into their production.

Here we see the gyroscope used to measure the movement of cameras from 2006.

Video 2:

For this video, I used a GoPro camera on which I had installed an additional lens. The problem with the lens is that you can’t actually see what’s going on. The camera needs to be in position to capture the object you are looking at. If the camera is moved in such a way that you can almost see what’s going on, then the system is likely overshooting the object.

In the video above, we can see that the camera is placed right over the edge of the room in the room I’m in and is being focused on for about 5 seconds. When that happens, the camera moves in such a way that you can almost see the movement of the actors in the scene. Because of that short of time, the gyroscope only seems to be recording the exact location of the camera at that moment.

Video 3:

The same approach is repeated in a similar video from 2010. This time we see the gyroscope in front of a light post. You can see that the gyroscope is in a