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We estimate the pricing for our packages by multiplying (current value of customer base) x (total number of customers) + (price per thousand orders). For example, if the current customer base is 100, and the total number of customers is 5000, then our pricing per thousand orders would be $35.00.

I just bought my second bottle of wine from your website. What should I do now?

If at times the customer site is slow you can purchase your wine (which will be delivered via UPS ground) at our lowest value shipping. If, on other occasion the customer site is slow or inaccessible, you can call us at (800) 945-9777 to request a quote for a lower value shipping. Our shipping fee is $1.55 per gallon.

Who do I call if I have further questions about how to order from us?

We are here to help! Please call us at 888-9454 or email [email protected] or text at (858) 946-9777 to order. We look forward to meeting with you.

With its massive number of features, high-quality audio, and ability to play on up to 8 different systems, its versatility and affordability make it one of the best-selling portable portable games systems of all time.

The system is designed for the experienced gamer looking to have a big-time system all to themselves, yet at a great price-point. The system features 2 external speakers, an 8-bit A/V processor, a 2Mb/s flash system, and USB-C for easy connectivity

The new Core Series offers all of the features gamers want: a built in touchpad, a 2Mb/s flash drive with up to 4K, a wide variety of audio options, built-in gaming microphone, and more.

Key Specifications

Faster, brighter and more vibrant gameplay

Greater comfort in prolonged use

Ultraportable compact gaming system

Superior audio quality, with two high quality high resolution high definition sound systems

Great for gaming or audiobooks

Ultra-comfortable and easy to carry

Available on:

Xbox One S

Xbox One X (Xbox One S Console Only)

PlayStation 4 Pro

Windows 10

Windows 8.1 & 8

Windows 8

Xbox One S Specifications

Model Brand Model Number Processor Core i7


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