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As of March 2012 an unlimited standard or pro recording contract costs $1,750. An individual $3,000 recording deal requires you to have a production company of at least two people; the minimum fee for a full time video artist is $7,500. As of the end of 2010 a new video artist will generally have to record a video for $5,000—the same as a musician in his or her prime. But, of course, musicians want to avoid the recording fees. The artist must work with an editor to develop the video. The video is then produced by a video production company for about $7,000, with editing, color correction, and sound design all paying for its own salaries. This video is then delivered to a large TV studio, where it can be shown on the channel to which it is being aired. For a large station that means over 1,500 employees—about 3,000 if a video is of a popular artist like Lady Gaga and her video has to be shown multiple times. This is a lot of people.

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