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TV cameramen are paid for their time and skill. Depending on the equipment they use and the way they work, they may be paid more or less in cash.

There are also freelance and contracted workers on the TV industry. Sometimes someone will be hired for one job and it is up the producer to pay the other guy for his work.

Do I want to get paid as an employee?

Many companies hire staff to work in their offices, stores, etc. as part of their pay. Some are paid very basic and there are many who are paid $20-$60 a hour. Some may be paid by the half-hour or hour. I am not a freelance photographer, but this is a way to work.

Is this a legitimate industry?

Yes, this is a legitimate business and a lot of people work in it. I would not say there is no one in it that takes advantage of people by making profit, but it is different in that I am not looking for a quick ride. I don’t do any advertising or selling. My clients are people who I would choose whether or not they go to a restaurant or a club. If someone wanted to use my services because they are interested in my work, I want to know the price, how long I will be there, what the expectations might be and what sort of services I can offer.

What are the requirements for being a freelance photographer?

All you need is that you have talent and a good idea on how do you want to earn a living.

What do you do for clients if you are not paid as an employee?

Just as the person you are representing as an employee (me and the company I am working for), I represent customers. I have no problem with being paid more as an independent contractor. But I do not want to be taking any profit. You might be able to take an advantage on me as an employee if you offer me a percentage. But that is not going to happen.

Is this legal?

Federal and California laws state that employees are not allowed to take pay for their time. This is because the federal and California laws would not allow an employee to make money because they are “employees” of a company. When you do a professional job like a videographer, videographer assistant, etc, it is really different than work you would do as an employee for the company. When you work as an employee for the company, you are

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