How much does a videographer cost per hour?

A photo editor costs $1500 a week, or $100 a day. We’ve found that photo editors who work with multiple cameras can charge $300 or more a day. We are working with one editor to create this tutorial and will be able to pay the editor to take the images and edit them for us.

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Is there more than one camera?

One camera only costs about $150 a week or $50 per day so in some situations this is more than the cost of a couple videographers working together. For most of our shots in a day we will take one camera. If possible we’ll set up a second one for one more shoot to create a more complex take.

Why am I paying $250 a shoot?

We use an inexpensive camera but it’s not an “average” camera. Since we want to share our experience, you could expect to pay around $250 for an image using a single camera. This is a bit more than an average photographer would normally pay for a single day project, but you would be paying for a professional-quality camera that can work very well in all kinds of lighting and situations.

The camera is already well-equipped to handle the lighting of a multi-day project. We chose this camera and a tripod, but other accessories, like lenses, lights, and extra batteries, would be additional.

A camera we used for a few other years

Will I make money on this?

Maybe. This is a new venture, but we’re confident in this system. Our aim is to make a solid living through creating and sharing our work online in the way that we already do on camera.

So far, we have worked on this a couple of times, but this first tutorial is simply to demonstrate how to take an image and how to edit it with Photoshop. We will likely be using both Photoshop and After Effects on this tutorial.

Where do I go for help?

We would appreciate help and support in whatever you may need. We are currently looking for editors, editors-in-training, photographers, and photographers with other skills to help with the tutorial. If you’d like to help out and have an idea to get us off the ground, let us know. We plan on updating this site regularly to continue to grow our audience and develop our workflow.

A video tutorial on the basics of how to edit a video.

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