How much does a 5 minute video cost?

Video Content – $5+

This is the most expensive part of the content creation process.

While there is obviously a price difference with the content, I would go as low as $3 for just the video intro and first 60 seconds. This is just a great way to help out a first-time YouTube creator.

Video Production – $30-$80

The rest of the $30-$80 will likely come out of the budget of other content creators.

Your favorite YouTube creator will probably charge just a little under $3 for their first video, but the fact of the matter is that it will require a full week of production. If you want to really make your video as good as possible, keep at it!

Poster Design – $20-$50

This is one of the last costs to factor in. This will be done by sending your poster design to YouTube by email. If you are a graphic designer, I’ll even recommend you email your poster design with some pictures along with some keywords to help your YouTube channel rank highly. The images in your art will be important for YouTube in the future as it will help with video playlists.

Let’s take a look at the budget of a YouTube video creator:

$2K – Beginner to Intermediate

These are the beginner-to-intermediate creators that YouTube has to reach. While this can be a pretty great channel for beginner viewers, you simply can’t just put yourself out there as an expert just to make a quick income. You can find some great resources for more than just starting a channel here and here.

$750 – High Level

Some of these YouTube channels are really high level and are creating some really good stuff. These are some of those channels that you want to be really careful about getting involved with (just so you understand that this might be a big risk). The best part about this budget is that you will be able to support yourself for a long-term way. You can have an investment of $10k+ for six months and still be able to support yourself with content and create more content.


If you are a true legend, this is where the real money is. You may or might not be willing to invest that much money in your channel, but if not, this budget could be used to hire a real-world expert to make sure your video ranks well in Google and/or YouTube Search.