How much does a 5 minute video cost? – Shooting Steady Video

One video per month for the next 20-30 minutes will be set at $3.00USD at this point. Any longer will result in an increasing amount of videos going into the queue that is in the tens of thousands.

We have had a tonne of emails from gamers wanting advice and encouragement, so we’re doing a weekly stream where we’ll start with the last two minutes of your video to highlight the points, tips, and advice in it. Our streamers will be very keen to promote your work if they can.

In total we’ll be streaming 2 times per week at 12:00pm UTC or 3pm EST time.

Is my money going to charity?

No. Your money is going to our company. That’s why we’re so passionate about the things that we work on. We really hope you guys get some awesome content from it while supporting us with this effort. There’s no limit per backer.

How much longer till I get access?!

We’re just getting our first build and the game is still in development phase so there might be some issues we haven’t figured out yet. Keep in mind, this is a beta test. It’s not the final product and things will still change.

So how do I get access/how long will I receive early access?

Once in Steam you will be provided with access to the beta build.

Once a build is finished you will receive access to the full beta build.

Will I be able to download the beta client once it is ready?

If you want to play the game during Steam testing you will need to download the client, then install the game on your machine of choice (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc)

How will my money be used?

First and foremost we’re going to invest a LOT of time and money into this project. So if I don’t manage to make this look like the biggest gaming success ever, I’ll be sad. But if everyone keeps donating, we’ll keep working on this game full-time. So we are also going to give back to the community and get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

If you can, PLEASE consider making a donation to this Kickstarter campaign. It’s so important that we get the project into as many hands as possible. It will let us work towards our larger goal of launching on Steam and potentially the console versions as well.

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