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A new report reveals that the government’s data retention plans are having a chilling effect on the reporting of crime in New Zealand.

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The Statistics NZ says this could translate into a drop in crime statistics for 2016.

The Ministry of Justice said it would “consider” whether the information should be retained under the new retention regime.

Its Chief Statistician Chris Wilson said it was too early to comment on any potential impacts.

“This is something we have considered and discussed with Ministers and officials in the Ministry of Justice. No decision has been taken at this stage and no decisions have been made,” Mr Wilson said.

He said the police, which were the government body responsible for the new data retention regime, might also look at how its data was being used, so there was a “balance between privacy values and the need for public safety”.

In his speech at the RSA, Attorney-General Paula Bennett announced that the government plans to ask all local authorities, including those in private and religious communities, to store up to 8GB of information from phone call records for three years.

As the government’s initial data retention scheme is being put in place from 1 July, the current data retention period will remain in place for a further five years.

Ms Bennett said she would not be seeking parliamentary approval for the data retention scheme because she knew ministers would never support such a “shopping list” measure.

New Zealand’s law governing the sharing of information between police and other agencies was clear, she said.

Ms Bennett said her focus was not on an overall data retention policy for the New Zealand public – one that might be “more like a fishing catch” rather than a catch “full of fish and seafood”.

The police, however, have already asked the government for guidance on the proposed new regime.


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