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$12.8 million The amount that Disney spent by placing clips under the cover of darkness on the video for “Black or White,” in which Michael Jackson’s voice was digitally removed. $10.9 million The amount that it cost to place the video under the cover of darkness on the video for the song “Achy Breaky Heart.” This includes the cost of the lighting, sound, lighting effects, and post-production. $6.9 million The amount that Disney spent to hire an actor to do the dance routine. $2.6 million The amount that cost to remove the video from the internet. $2.1 million The amount that Disney spent to pay his legal fees. Sources: The Financial Times, Billboard | Getty 2/27 2. ‘Superman: The Movie’ – $12.5m “The one true megahit in summer movie history, a Superman origin movie for the ages.” – Richard Lawson The film’s budget was $180 million. 3/27 3. ‘Argo’ – $11.3m “In fall 2013, Iran-backed rebels tried to seize the American embassy, but were stopped by U.S. military intervention.” – Mark Leibovich 4/27 4. ‘Fantastic Four’ – $10.6m “When the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rise to power, what does Reed Richards, the Human Torch, stand to gain?” – Jeremy Garelick 5/27 5. ‘Into the Wild’ – $9.3m “Trevor Noah’s latest critically acclaimed adaptation of a British author has him partnering up with Tom Hanks” – Chris Parnell 6/27 6. ‘Locke’ – $8.1m “This biopic follows ex-con Roland Deschain who “found his faith in humanity in the face of the Nazi genocide.” 7/27 7. ‘Jurassic Park’ – $7.9m “Three-time Academy Award-winner Matthew Broderick’s latest update on the true origins of the prehistoric terror.” – Noomi Rapace 8/27 8. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – $7.5m In July, we reported that “The final box-office numbers were in, and it made $774 million domestic, $784 million abroad, and $1.1 billion in global grosses.” 9/27 9. ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – $7.2m Wow, that’s nearly a sixth of
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