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Here are the results:

In all case, the numbers are in megapixels, not “megapixel count” or “megapixel count per square inch”.

We also checked on the screen size, and we could see that the iPhone 6s had a larger screen. The 8mp display is larger than the 5.5″ screen on 4k iMac and the 4k iMac Retina display is more than double the 1.5″ screen of iPhone 5s.

Finally, we used the camera quality testing methodology, which is based on ISO settings and the average image size. Our iPhone 6S camera samples are ISO 400, 800 and 1600 with a standard (average) JPEG of around 4.7mp. These standard JPEGs have similar or close to similar images.

iPhone Display Quality
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If you have been wondering when you can expect to see 4k for your iPhone, iPhone is a great device to compare, as it has great display quality. So, we measured the pixel size of the iPhone display to make the chart below.

The iPhone display on iPhone 6s is almost exactly as is on iPhone 5s. If the iPhone display is the same or higher on every model, there is no reason to compare each model against other model. Instead, we will compare to other 4k iMacs and iMac Retina displays.

It is the iPhone 5s screen that is the most expensive, however, the difference between these models is negligible. In terms of price, the iPhone 6s is $10 more expensive, but the difference can be easily ignored.

Here are the screen brightness values for more detail, with the average screen sizes:

We used the Camera IQ score to find out the number of megapixels in each model. In the following table, we look at the cameras for our test shots with all iPhone models as displayed on various 4k iMacs

For those interested, you can refer to the full report as well.

iPhone vs. 5s display

Looking at the comparison of the image quality of the models, it’s obvious that the iPhone 6s has the best image quality, and the 5s does not fare so well. But what about the Apple Watch 2? As all Apple Watch models are not available at the moment, we will have to wait for Apple to announce the new models.

With that said, I did find it interesting, to see that the new Apple Watch 2 is

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