How do you record a video? – How To Shoot A Tutorial Video

Once you have a project ready to record, then its time to record it. I love to start with the basics. I start by shooting 2-5 shots at a time and recording the most powerful or interesting moments. Once the video is recorded, I clean up it by eliminating anything out of focus, removing the background, and eliminating noise.

Once the video has been recorded, you will want to edit it. Now, you can shoot it live as if it was a webcast. There are several different ways to edit the live footage. You can either use the webcam to edit it, or you can edit the footage yourself in some other way. You can edit the video yourself with a software called Camtasia or it can be recorded for editing. I have found recording it myself to be the most efficient and most fun, but the software is a bit more expensive and may take some time to learn.
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Why did you choose the GoPro Hero4 Black as the main camera?

It is the perfect fit for all my needs! I have had an ongoing obsession with recording in the outdoors, but for the past few years, I have not had the time or budget to buy any proper camcorder while in the mountains. Finally, I was able to afford my first camcorder last fall for my job as a videographer and I loved every minute of taking it with me across the country!

What has been the biggest challenge when recording?

The most challenging part with the Hero4 Black were the long exposure shots. I started experimenting with long exposure photography when I started shooting in the mountains, but I found that the most challenging part of long exposure photography is not the taking, but the post-processing. Some other people are better at this than me, but I am still learning and have found ways to improve it. I often make sure to use different types of filters along the way to alter the colors and blur the details in the shadows.

Where can we find the Hero4 Black in 2015?

I am only selling it through my website. You can buy your camera through Amazon or at any GoPro dealer.

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