How do I record video on my smartphone? – Shooting Without A Tripod

Your phone will have a camera which will record a screen shot if someone touches your phone – if you leave your phone unattended you’ll have to press and hold the shutter to record the video. Some devices such as smartphones and tablets will also do a simple shutter release from the camera, but more powerful smartphones or tablets may not be able to do any shutter release at all. For that, you’ll still need a tripod. A tripod is much more stable and less prone to accidentally coming off and being damaged.

For example, if you’re wearing a helmet, you should use a camera that has a tripod function, even if you can’t stand on it. A smartphone with a screen which can capture video also has an option to record video from a tripod.

When do I need to take a photo?

Always take a photo in front of a brightly lit scene. Bright light can damage the film. You should also take a photo of a building/vehicle/person of interest first. Photo-taking indoors is generally not recommended, unless you’re using a strobe flash or any other light source which will temporarily change the colour of the picture/scene/person.

What can I do if the picture looks off-model?

If the picture looks off-model you’ll need to adjust your camera settings or choose a different camera. Look on YouTube for some tips and tricks about adjusting camera settings, and look for ‘over-bloom’ and ‘shooting indoors’ on the video-camera’s settings.

How do I put a video of myself on Facebook?

You can only upload videos from your phone to Facebook. Videos which only exist outside of Facebook will not be visible on Facebook and won’t be uploaded to Facebook in the future.

Can I post photos on my Facebook page?

Images from your phone are not visible by default in your Facebook group settings but photos which are available and will eventually be on your Facebook page can be seen by any members of your Facebook group and will be placed beneath your photos as part of your photos.

Do I need a Facebook account to create a Facebook group?

Yes. If you’re using a Samsung Smart Remote, you’ll need to use your phone’s location services to upload photos from it (such as this photo at the top), rather than your phone’s camera.

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Are there any additional restrictions on where I can share photos from my phone?

Yes, if you’re using a

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