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Record music while playing YouTube.

In order to play YouTube videos while recording the sound, you will need:



An external power supply

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When you buy a used vehicle on a car lease, you’ll qualify for an annual percentage rate (APR). The APR is the monthly payment you make and include in your monthly lease payment. If you’re paying $1,000/month, your monthly payment will be $1,000 x 0.0724 = $1,200, and your monthly loan balance will be $2,000. If your car is financed with the same lender, the monthly payment on your car will be the same.

How the APR Works

The APR is how much you’ll owe when the manufacturer’s dealer or the original-owner agrees to purchase the vehicle at a future date. If the dealer agrees to the purchase price before you purchase or lease the vehicle, you’ll make the full purchase price in total (APR). If the dealer agrees on the price, the price you pay will be the rate on the loan.

If the dealer agrees to a price prior to you buying or leasing the vehicle, the final APR will apply (for example, APR 23.99). This final APR is the rate the dealer is charging you for the vehicle at the time of your sale.

By: Svetlana Ganshkina, LiveScience Senior Writer

Published: 09/21/2012 06:13 PM EDT on LiveScience

It’s a classic problem: How can you know someone is lying when you can’t look at a photograph? But it’s a bigger problem nowadays: When you need to prove that two people’s lies are consistent, can you look at two pictures as a whole?

Galaxy S10: How to shoot Super steady videos - YouTube
A Stanford University study suggests you can.

The study, led by researchers at Stanford and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, found that a group of six students could reliably tell when other people had lied, even when the people were lying in real time. They found that they could still distinguish deception from truth about people with whom they never had an actual encounter, and in a group where they hadn’t spent much time together.

The study was published online September 21 in the journal Science.

“When a person lies to you, that’s when you know it,” said first author Dan McCue

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