How do I record a video with music playing?

When I am playing, press record and leave the audio on the screen (or whatever software you’re using), then press the record function until you get the full effect. I think the first time I did this, I had to press record about 45 times.

How far does the music go? Is it in the song? I prefer that the music go all around the screen, which is where the music usually falls out at.

How many audio clips can I record per hour? In actuality, the limits are pretty high, but it’ll go faster once you get a sense of it, so be careful to always set your controls for recording to a speed that will work!

Do I need to use more than one audio recording device to record audio at once? No, just a single audio recording device is enough. I used to think you could record on two simultaneously, but now that my iPhone is about to go, I can’t figure out how to do that. That probably means I’m not supposed to record on my computer because it’s just too slow. I’m more than happy with just one audio recording device.

What if I cannot find an audio recording device? I’ll record using the iPhone’s built-in microphone when I’m not using it.

What if I just want to listen to the album while waiting to record? You can listen to an album while recording if you hold the album and play it again as you record. The music will fade out right at the end of the recording.

How do I turn off the music? You can set iOS to not play any audio even during audio recording. (I do this by going to the iTunes menu and disabling “Do not play any sounds from the device.”)

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How can I get my iPhone or iPad to automatically start recording audio when it’s turned off? I have to start the microphone and turn it on to make it happen, so you’ll need to figure it out on your own. I also found that setting Bluetooth to either A2DP-1 (4.0), or A2DP-2 (4.0, for later devices) will cause it to play music when you press the record button.

Where do I get instructions on setting everything up? See this thread from one of my followers, “Randy: If iPhone 5 Plus needs to record your music, and the album is a loop, you’ll be fine.”

Where do I get instructions on setting everything up?