How do I record a video with music playing? – Videography Course

First add the audio file to a video recording folder and select the video mode in Live.

Secondly select the ‘Video Recording’ menu item then scroll down to Audio Recording. This will bring up an easy to recognize menu that allows you to configure your recording setting. After that you are all set to capture videos and audio in your favorite video hosting and social media sharing apps.

The following letter is from the author: Anar A. Nuru, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark N. Regehr (NURS), Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School, joined The Journal of Business Ethics for an exclusive interview to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the use of behavioral science by behavioral scientists and, to a lesser extent, by executives within multinational corporations to design their strategies.

Mark N. Regehr is a professor in the Department of Management at Harvard Business School and served as Director of the Harvard Strategic Management Program (1997-2001) and the Center for Strategic Management, Harvard Business School (1991-1997). Professor Nuru received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and is the author of Psychology and Decision Making (Oxford University Press, 2011). His publications include “The Future of American Business: The Nature, Origins, and Future of Behavioral Management” (2012), “Decision Making and Social Science: The Science and Practice of Behavioral Science” (2004), and “The Social Psychology of the Behavioral Leadership Program” (2002).

Dr. Mark N. Regehr spoke about his new book, Behavioral Science: A Framework and a Guide for the Firm and of Business Processes, to the authors of the Journal of Business Ethics, and about his new book, “The Nature, Origins, and Future of Behavioral Management.”

You wrote that behavioral science has no role in management, and the book is intended to change this. What would you call the role of behavioral scientists in the firm?


Behavioral scientists are not in a position to judge organizational decisions based on individual business strategies, goals, and plans. Behavioral scientists have only a limited understanding of what drives the human mind. What follows is an overview of the behavioral science approach. We can begin as early as conception and cognition. The more information we understand of a new behavior, the more likely we are to change and enhance it.

Intelligence can also be learned through repeated exposure to this type of information, but it comes only increment

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