How do I record a video with music playing? – Dslr Video Training Courses

The easiest way to record music is to choose a video that is played over the video, and then hold right click (or right control + right click, or right control + shift + right click) over it to play the song on the track and the clip. Alternatively you can record at the end of the clip and play it again later as soon as the video is recorded again.

What do I do with any other footage that I took with the camera?

After recording a clip (you can take your footage in the field with you if you choose to, or record it beforehand and load it later), move your video on the timeline to an empty timeline spot in your footage. You can then edit the clips as you like, or just stop recording right after you’ve finished filming.
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How do I stop recording an incident?

If your footage was recorded in a controlled environment, you should stop recording immediately when it is no longer needed for the reason listed below.

If you’re taking footage of other people in the field or on the go and you need to stop capturing footage of them (either because they’ve moved or are moving towards you or you’ve captured them and need to take another action), hold down shift when you’re taking that action. Alternatively, if you’ll be taking additional footage without stopping at this stage, you may want to switch to a different app than you’re usually using (like the Apple Watch’s camera and other apps using it).

If you need to stop recording to take action and want to do that in one go, the solution might be to take the footage you need in a different video, with a different angle and a different time of day as you’ll need to get these elements of your footage in one shot.

How often do I have to record in field?

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind in the event of an emergency is to record at least as often as you need to (if at all) when recording with the camera, and take an average of at least four shots (3+ to avoid any distortion).

In fact, there’s even more information available within our emergency handbook here on how and when to record your footage in emergency situations:

What does it mean when I leave a camera running whilst recording?

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