How do I make the background of a picture black?

One method is to place the black outline of what you want your subject to be, behind them as close to their body as possible. You would need to take advantage of the fact that there is more than one way to make a shadow, so there may be a slight amount of clipping, as well as small, irregular shapes, which you may need to adjust a little. Try painting the outlines in black around the base of the man’s head, or around the edge of the torso.

2. Adding some details and reflections

Some people prefer to take a couple of images of their subject, and then overlay a few of the same image together to make a larger effect. In that case the effect is probably a little too realistic to the human eye. However, if you try doing it this way, it’ll probably come out more natural and convincing.

3. Use the lens flare technique

There’s an amazing lens light effect that can be done with a lens flare. The lens itself can be slightly zoomed into to give a wider view of the subject, and a piece of paper on the end of a string, with a small dot of colour, is then used to simulate the effect that the lens is producing. You can make the lens flare look really realistic with this technique by changing the settings of the lens, or simply by playing around with the angle by which you take your shots. The results are truly beautiful in their own right.

4. Creating an object using light

This is a rather complicated method, as you need to be very precise to get the result you want. However, it has a number of advantages over many other methods. Firstly, it’s always easier to create such a large image with such a small amount of light, compared to using a flash, which would need to be turned up so strongly that you could see the full light effect. Secondly, the light is always present, which makes it easier to control. Lastly, if something has large edges, you can make the objects stand out of proportion by using the lighting to guide the light into the image. For example, a person in a wheelchair sitting on a park bench will be a much more obvious object than a similar person standing in a brightly lit restaurant.

5. Lighting objects with a flash

Another way of making an object stand out from the rest, is to throw a flash into the picture. The technique is fairly easy, but takes a little practice, as there is always a little