How can I shoot better videos? – How To Film Yourself Walking

It will depend on the type of video you’re making—if it’s a short video or something long and complex, the first thing you should do is adjust the playback speed of the app to match the speed of your video output to get the best possible quality. As we always say, “You can shoot great video and still struggle to get a camera angle that looks good on the final final shot.”

4. Use your time wisely. You’ll notice that we spent the most time discussing good video design on iPhone, even though a lot of you want video on other platforms too. You can’t just copy the video workflow of Apple’s apps to make them shine, you have to create the best videos you possibly can. Use this one key design principle for video design for video apps and mobile apps: Don’t make it too easy, try to keep it difficult. Try to make the video itself challenging in order to compel you into trying that hard. If the user can’t make it to the next level, they might be forced to look for a better solution, they may turn back before you’ve actually created the best product they possibly can.

5. Make the most of the camera. It is very easy to overuse the camera when it’s not being used for anything else. You see people who go to an amazing restaurant to watch a beautiful sunset and end up eating the menu. Then there are people who sit at home for hours until they accidentally wake up their TV, but by the time they do you have ruined the mood and the photos because you used the camera to point their phone to the sky and the sunset.

Make sure the camera and microphone on your phone are used with good intentions of sharing your content with the world, not just for people to “see.” People who want to see the sunset may not have the best camera or microphone when it happens. People should have fun with the images they take and get creative, but if you’ve shot a video on your smartphone and that was the result you wanted, you should consider sharing it to Instagram to showcase your beautiful images or on Facebook to put up a “Share & Enjoy” button and gain more eyeballs for your content. Don’t be afraid of taking your picture and sharing it somewhere else. A photo of yourself should not be the central focus of the video unless you’re actually making it for something else. If you’re shooting to impress the users, it is better to capture the people as the focal point of the experience.

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