How can I change the background of a video? – See Yourself While Filming

Please follow these steps:

Click the button below to get started.

For Windows:

On the Video window, click ‘Create a new background image’. Select the type of background image you desire.

For Mac OS:

You can create your background image for multiple formats, and then import that from the video. Click the Create button. Please be sure to select the highest resolution that corresponds. For example, if your video is at 320×240 it is recommended that you create a background image at 500X280.

When the download is finished you should have a folder containing the background image, and the video in a file with a filename that will match your video file on disk.

This past Friday, June 22, the San Francisco 49ers visited the Cleveland Browns on the last day of training camp. The 49ers were joined on the field by a very special group of fans, those who took the time to get up and meet with their club, to tell us how they feel about the 49ers and to express their own hopes and dreams for their team.

As an added bonus, 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh invited each of the fans to come out and have some fun with the players.

Here are six photos from Browns fans that made it into the hands of the 49ers.

There are so many ways to get a sense of what this season has been like for the Chicago Bears, but we’re most proud of the work we’ve done in compiling a new season scorecard. The results will be available on our homepage this coming Saturday, so stay tuned for more.

First, a brief look at the 2013 season:

Regular Season

• The Bears came into the 2013 season with a 2-12 record after going 6-10 in Week 1. The last time the Browns were 3-3 in the preseason was 2004.

• Rookie quarterback Case McCoy played just one pass against the Dolphins, throwing for 19 yards and an interception. He was replaced by veteran Jay Cutler on the first possession in the third quarter and did not throw a pass for the rest of the game.

• Rookie running back Jeremy Langford rushed 17 times for a respectable 46 yards. Unfortunately, he only had 4 yards on nine carries as a receiver, and also took two sacks.

• Defensive tackle Henry Melton was a big part of the Bears’ success against the Dolphins. Melton has 4.5 sacks in his two years in Chicago

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