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What is the camera’s zoom? If you have a zoom lens (like a 16-50mm), the lens is a factor that will affect your video quality. To start, most camera manufactures will add an extra (or, “extra-nose”) to your camera so that you can zoom out. The same thing can be achieved with a zoom lens or a zoom dial. For DSLRs, the maximum zoom range is around 200mm. For telephoto lenses (100–200mm) or zooms that go to a wide field of view like an 80-200mm, the maximum field of view (usually) is around 4.5x.

What’s the maximum recording length of a video (for a DSLR) for a single frame? When you’re shooting a video on a DSLR, the maximum recording length of a single frame depends on the camera and the frame size. In general, the higher the focal length (focal length, fisheye, etc.), the larger the frame size. You can often find frame sizes in increments of 16mm by finding cameras with a max focal length of 16mm, or larger; lenses from 28-300mm; or lenses that are large enough to use a zoom and a zoom lens simultaneously. There is no hard and fast rule as to what the maximum frame size is for a single frame, because of this.

Can I shoot video with a DSLR if I already have a camcorder? No. With very few exceptions, recording video with a camcorder only works if you already have a camcorder. DSLRs are not designed to be portable; if you already own a camcorder, and plan on shooting on a DSLR, you have probably already considered whether or not you could use a DSLR video, because the camera is simply not intended for use as a portable recorder. Note, that this question may have been asked in the past when a camcorder was the only option, instead of a DSLR video camera, and may still be asked in the future, although it is far less common these days than it was prior to the camera becoming more widely used as a recordable tool on the market.

Can I use my video camera for video chatting (voice over internet protocol)? Yes.

Can I use my video camera for voice over internet protocol (VOIP) sessions? Unfortunately, while there are some apps for smartphones that let you play voice over internet protocol (VOIP

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