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Yes. The video is really good.

Can you tell us about the sound design?

The sound design is very well done, using the audio of the original films.

Can you show us some of the scenes you were designing?

Some of them are very exciting to watch. But we just wanted to do this as a fun project to be able to use the toys a bit later on, as a promotional video.

Can you tell us a bit about the toys at the moment?

No. We have to tell the fans that the toys are still not produced but are in the works.

A lot of people have started asking about the LEGO Technic. What do you think about that?

I think the LEGO Technic will be a great gift to the children of the world. It reminds us of something really good, it’s almost like a toy that just came out. It’s very nice!

In order to get an idea of the amount of money that you could invest into these toys, you can take a look at this figure that you can find on Flickr. It’s an advertisement for LEGO stores around the world.

The figures you find are very well painted, but unfortunately they are painted only. This means that each one will be unique.

Have you been working on any other projects involving LEGO sets? There have been several videos and pictures of LEGO set development and the production process. Have you been involved in any projects with LEGO set makers? How can they be avoided the next time you need to use such products ?

Since my last interview with you we’ve heard a lot of details from both sides about the upcoming films, including the story.

The next two films are really exciting. The script is really interesting. I really like the film, the director and the script. It’s really enjoyable to work with. The characters are very intriguing, a lot of humour.

It’s a fun, funny story, with a lot of action. It’s good, and it’ll be great if we get some action in the upcoming movies.

So what are you working on right now, besides LEGO and movie and video production?

The idea for the next film is now finished, we’ve started recording. We’ve also moved the video production into my office, which is also very cool.

Do you still have a small part in making LEGO, which is a film-maker in every sense of

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