Are DSLR cameras good for video? – How To Shoot Videos

Yes! DSLR cameras are great for video.

For a long time, it was believed that video was the key to videography. However, as we are seeing with smartphone video today, many other factors are playing a lot of roles here. DSLR cameras are also perfect for low light photo.

One of my favorite DSLR products is the Canon 7D Mark II with the 5D Mark III. The 5DIII is the fastest and most capable camera Canon has produced. With the 7D Mark II, I can shoot 4K video without a tripod.

A note on noise: When using a DSLR for video, noise can be an issue. A DSLR with a sensor that’s designed to shoot 8MP won’t have the capabilities to achieve the necessary noise to be worthwhile. If your goal as a videographer is to record great-looking footage, then an 8MP sensor may not be the best solution for you. If you’re interested in this topic for more details, check out my article on noise of DSLR cameras.

What should you do before shooting video?

First of all, make sure your scene and subject match your expectations to see if you can work around your setup. Many times, I have gotten a great reaction from my subject by making adjustments to their light to have a dynamic contrast on them.

Also make sure your subject does not have any distracting objects or shadows that can obscure your images.

Another key factor to shoot great-looking footage is having your subject moving and moving in sync.

Don’t have a tripod, and your camera should be pointed away from your subject, such as when you’re shooting with a car or dog. You are shooting with less light, which means you’re not as focused on the subject, making the movement of your subject difficult to capture.

Lastly, have fun! Be creative with what you pick for your subject, and you will see results!

What are some useful tips on shooting great-looking video?

While all of these are important, I would say these are some of the most important:

1. Set up correctly

Before you even begin, it’s a good idea to set up properly so everything works together. I prefer to shoot with my camera positioned behind me on a table. It makes things easier because I don’t have to worry about my camera being on my hip or being placed too awkwardly.

2. Bring the lighting conditions correct

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