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Is basketball in Greece’s national team?
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The last two questions are easy to answer, the first one is a tough but it’s not really a real question; the Greek word “kalos” means horse in the ancient Greek language.

The Greek national team’s website gives a short and simple answer:

“The Greek national team is one of the most prestigious international soccer teams in the world. Greek players have played for a number of countries including Brazil. Today, the national team plays in a number of tournaments including the European Championships, the Olympic Games, and the World Cup. The team has won three Olympic gold medals, two World Cup titles, ten Pan-European championships, two Olympic gold medals and one FIFA Confederations Cup title.”

And the last but certainly not impossible is this: Greek sports stars have been playing volleyball and soccer for years. So this question is a little bit harder to answer. In fact, you cannot say “Yes, Greek sports celebrities do play football and ice hockey and even football” because these sports stars have played that way almost their whole lives.

So Greek sports celebrities have to play basketball or soccer, or both?

This one comes from a book called “Greek Athletes and Sports” by Dimitrios Papagiannis (PhD. Thesis, Athens University).

Papagiannis explains that Greek sports heroes who have played soccer, basketball or volleyball and who has achieved the top of the game are:

“Greek sports stars… who have played soccer from an early age:

• The legendary Ezequiel López (who achieved the double of World Cup and Olympic Games) who played soccer at the age of 11. Ezequiel López’s father, who was a policeman, was a policeman too

• The Greek international soccer captain and president of the Greek Football Association, Giannis Smysiadis, who was also the captain and president of his team, Panathinaikos, also played soccer at the age of 11. He was also at the Olympic training camp

• Greek football (soccer), international hockey (hockey), international volleyball (volleyball) and also basketball players like Panagiotis, Chrysanthos, Panagiotis Giorgi, and even one of the best Greek basketball players, Angelos Loykos.” [Source: Greek Athletes and Sports]

Does Greek Football get top grades

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