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A. Your horse will rear when he has a good rest and has been properly exercised. This depends upon the number of years and the level of fitness he has. If he is too lean he will rear in the saddle.

Do I need to raise weights for my horse? Why or why not?

A. No. If you have a strong horse that can run 3 miles a day without fatigue you do not need more weight.

If a horse looks more like he is going to run fast and you need to lower his weight you can. As a rule, you can do it to the horse’s neck muscle if you want to. If he stops there, the strength is not going to be there when he needs it.

How can I tell if my horse is nervous?

A. This is very difficult, but for most horses the answer is easy. If you are nervous or anxious you can say so and the trainer will usually tell you.

To determine if a horse is nervous ask your horse to do a few jumps. If he seems to slow it off, do not try a new jump.

Do I always need to ride my horse in the front?

A. For most horses your answer is always yes, but some have to be in the rear.

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When I ride my horse in the front he looks more relaxed and I enjoy his company. To make the riding easier his back gets more under him and he has a bit more momentum.

Also, when you ride with your horse in the rear with one foot on the front and one on the back you do not have a chance to lean over and let your horses get a good workout. Some horses take so much time to stop that they are almost unable to sit up. The front and rear legs are so different the front and rear legs have to be very different for them to be adapted to eachother’s needs. When a horse takes this long to go, and you feel the need to ride a bit faster he will be nervous and get less use out of your skillful handling techniques.

What size should a beginner saddle be?

A. We recommend that you try to go up to a size that fits you comfortably and comfortably for a distance. Most riders are over 6’6″ so we suggest you go to an 8 x 10 x 4″ horse size.

Our new sizing system is available on the first page and we recommend that you go to the second

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