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The horse whisperer is one of the more common uses of the ‘lucky’ (or ‘lucky’ for that matter) effect. For some horses, a good winnowing or romping might leave their tongues hanging in no-man’s land:

While others are better off with a good feeding for them. Some horses will be better off this way.

The tongue is very sensitive and it is easy to lose it. Some horses might be able to take a few gulps off the tail-end of a meal instead of swallowing whole; this is a common practice where the horse isn’t hungry, and it helps the palate.

The tongue on a horse can get ‘cut’ in two ways:-

– The tongue ends up not being covered by the hoof: Sometimes the tongue ends up being clipped off and then cut away, and this is especially true of the short-haired or flatter-humped breeds, where a tail can be cut off in two places!

– The tongue can be clipped off so that it falls out of the mouth during a feeding, so as to avoid swallowing and/or being a potential hazard to the horse.

In the end

To sum up – it’s very common to see a hoof being used to help pull the tongue out of a horse’s mouth at some time in a feeding; and in all cases, the use of a tongue-pulling horse has got to be avoided. It is not always possible to know whether the tongue needs to be pulled from the horse’s mouth or not, so be sure to check with your veterinarian before taking any horse from the pen – as this could be dangerous.

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