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In response to your question on horses getting weight penalties I am going to list some potential things you could do to avoid the penalty.

For one the penalty on a horse could be a few thousand dollars per horse. You may have to take their weight off of your horse to prevent the penalty from being an issue.

You can increase your horse’s weight allowance. If your horse is 10 lbs. over your horse’s maximum weight a slight increase in weight would probably go a long way.

You can purchase a lightweight bridle for your horse. If you are paying full price for this you have an incentive to purchase it.

There is more than 20 years’ worth of research out there on horse weight penalty penalties and they all focus on the amount of weight you could save on your horse.

What to do if the weight you are paying for goes up in your horse’s age

Many times there is a change in the weight of a horse after they hit age 20 or even 20 years old. This can have huge effects on your finances.

Horses have the ability to slow down as they get older. They can start making more economical choices with their lives, taking their diet more slowly, having better maintenance and eating less food at once. This can have a huge impact on a horse’s finances.

It is common wisdom that a horse is worth one per cent of their life value or 10 times of their age. This gives you an indication of how much money you could potentially lose in your horse’s life.

For example a 10 year old horse with a 10 year old weight would be worth 1/10 of their life value (10 x 10 = 1) .

However, a younger horse with a 10 year old weight would be worth 1/200 (10 x 10 = 24) of their age.

I have heard stories of horses having one per cent of their life values and then having another 1% later on. For example a 10 year old horse with a 10 year old weight would be worth 1/40 (10 x 10 = 32) of their age.

Horse Weight Penalty – My take

In my opinion the most realistic way to avoid a rider weight penalty is to purchase a lightweight bridle. You could probably afford it and will save quite a lot in your horse’s life.

Horses can have weight penalties due to being overweight or being underfed. You are free to go buy your own weight limit as

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