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As of this writing the story is unknown.

A picture of what it should look like

One of the most famous paintings of its time

The “Pit Bull” (pistol or bat guano)

The story

Pistol or bat guano is a large type of plant native to the southern hemisphere.

The Latin term “pitba” is a corruption of one of the Latin words “pitrura”, or “bat guano”. It is also the name of a place, a type of grass found throughout the southern hemisphere.

In Mexico, the plant has been named “piguha” and has been known as “pit ball” since its first appearance in Mexico. It has been known as piguha guano (bat guano) ever since by Mexican writers. It was a common term by early Spanish explorers as it is referenced by the Jesuit explorer Don José de Vidas, whose name is “piguha de jóvenes”.

Piguha was commonly used by Mexicans in a variety of industries including farming, cattle ranching and oil painting and also as an insecticide. It is known as “dipo, dipo, pigua” or “Piguha-dipo” in Spanish (which means bat guano) throughout the entire southwestern region and also as “pit burros”, “pagua de guanaco”, “guanaco’s” and the local terms “pigua guano” and “guano” in English, “piguha guano” is also used in Mexico City.


The Pit Bull is the largest pit bull in the world and most commonly found outside of Mexico.

It is also known as the bull el pasador de porco (the bull of porcos), although in some regions it is also referred to as the bull muro (sugar bull), bull muro de ponos (sugar mower), or bull muro de tepes.

The Pit Bull is considered to be the most violent of all of the dog breeds and has been the most frequently killed in Mexico. It is most commonly fought over ownership, as pit bulls tend to be fiercely protective of their owners (though there have been attempts to have them neutered).

Pit bulls generally possess a large, powerful bite that creates a large amount of blood in its mouth.

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