Who is the fastest horse of all time? – Get Your Tips Out

And most difficult to beat?

How many rounds does a single shot of Jagermeister sell for?

Did you know the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was a horse? And that in the 1700s they had the Guinness World Record for the fastest racing horse, a horse named Storck?

And what is the fastest mile of any kind?

All those questions and more were answered in the “How to Ride a Horse” eBook from the American Rowing Association (the official US rowing publication) and available now on The book has been reviewed by top rowing writers including Scott Brown (the founder of the Brownie Book Club), Bob Smith (the author of The Ruckman’s Encyclopedia of Water Sports), Michael Johnson (co-author of The Bookshelf Rowing Companion), Steve Rourke (co-founder of Pro Rowing) and several current and former winners of the USA Men’s rowing rowing national team.

“A very fun read. If you have any interest in rowing and have never taken this book, you have the whole package.”

—Scott Brown, founder of Rowing, The Bookshelf Rowing Companion, The Bookshelf World Champion, The American Rowing Association

“For anyone that loves rowing and is looking for a great reference for their rowing training,” wrote Steve Rourke, “there is nothing more to be hoped for than “How to Ride a Horse” as it details and explains a large selection of things rowing athletes need to know to excel at rowing. It is also one of the best reference books you will ever find for teaching your athletes rowing.”

In a world where racing, fishing, and even surfing are becoming more popular, this is a valuable book that every rowing athlete and coach would pay close attention and value highly.

A special thanks to Scott Brown of Rowing and Pro Rowing for providing this book to us, and the entire Rowing community for lending it to us so generously.

Please order your copy today.

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