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So to clarify how a horse is ranked in this list we can break it down into the categories of speed, stamina, stamina, size, and weight so far. We can also see the top 15 fastest in the class in each category. Let’s begin:

Speed: The Speed of a horse is defined by their maximum speed in a straight line when running. For comparison, to run a 1.57 mile is roughly 1 mile per second (one mile is one mile twice around) so a horse’s maximum speed is a good measure of what kind of horse it is.

Stamina: Stamina is a value of the horse’s endurance. This is also commonly called “man’s endurance”, a term that is often used for runners. With every step the horse takes it will expend energy (in this case the body’s energy) and eventually its stamina will wear down.

Stamina and Speed go hand in hand, because stamina depends on a horse’s speed. Strenhage is a measure of stamina, it’s how fast a horse can run with just their feet, toes and knees (while standing straight). Speed can be measured in several different ways, but one way to measure running speed is to measure the horse’s foot speed. This is a very simple method in which the horse can move their feet without the help of harnessing, and the standard measurement for each species is the half-mile divided in half by the horse’s weight over 12 months. The heavier the horse, the faster they can run.

Stamina also depends not just on the stamina of the horses, but the stamina of their trainers. If you train a horse to have faster stamina than its natural capacity (i.e. to be quicker for every mile run) they increase the stamina by the ratio of speed and stamina. So instead of having a 6-year-old horse produce a very quick half-marathon of a mile running, if you train them for 12 months with a 10-year-old for 10 miles the 9-year-old can now move a mile an hour faster.

Stamina and Weight: We know we need to know that a horse weight is based on a horse’s size, so we need to know what a horse is going to weigh when they weigh it again. Weight is the sum of all the weight of all the parts of the horse (body, hoofs, feet) so let’s make a list of what exactly weighs a horse in pounds (for a

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