Which horse race has the biggest prize money?

The race with the most money.

The most money earned in a calendar year.

In his first public statements for three years, David Cameron, the former Tory leader, says he is worried about the “perverse incentives and rewards” offered by the internet.

Speaking at the European Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee in Dublin during a trade delegation, the former Tory leader described the internet as being “not an innocent environment that allows us to see each other and know how to talk to each other better” but added: “There was a problem back then as well which I am not surprised has now been solved.”

Cameron said: “A certain class of people are rewarded because they have a certain degree of ability in this environment and they are rewarded for the opportunities available to them.”

A number of countries use the web to provide “a kind of social credit” which can only be acquired through work for example, but Cameron says an internet “gems system” needs to be introduced if Britain wants to compete with those countries.

“No country is the same and that is something we need to be aware of” said Cameron, according to the FT.

Cameron hopes to be able to use the internet without the need of expensive broadband. But it could mean that if a British company wants to bring an app or service to an overseas market the company could not be registered in Britain.

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The former Conservative leader criticised US technology executive Larry Ellison when he spoke of a “gems system” after the US president’s trip to the UK. During that visit the new business tycoon, whose company was given a £25m boost when the government gave it the go-ahead to create a website for the NHS on the same day, was asked if the US had “too much capitalism”.

“I have been told that what he did was ‘good capitalism’, which as you know is not the same as socialism, so I will reserve judgment,” said Ellison.

The world is going digital, but not the same way we do. The new digital world will be bigger, not smaller, faster, lighter, and more complex. But not in the way you might think. Here are two major reasons for going digital instead of traditional media.

It is not the same kind of medium.

There was a time when a computer was just a box. A computer wasn’t a computer unless you thought its capabilities were limited by its processor speed. Or its memory