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The start of a horse race called is called a “Race Day”. As in a “Race day” that is a day that a competitor has to meet or have to compete in an event before they can start their pre-race conditioning (race pace). In some cases, the event is only open one day but it starts at the same time as an event that the competitor has to compete in right away. Sometimes, the competitors can start in the morning without knowing which day the other event will be, but many athletes take notice of it early.

Is there a specific time frame when an event starts?

There are a few specific times when events of any category are usually open. They include:

The first event that meets the Pre-Race Conditioning Criteria is considered the “Race Day” and is generally a 6-7 day event.

What happens if my competitor doesn’t show up?

There is no need to call the starting line out and wait for your competitor to arrive. Many events (both open and special events) are open until a competitor starts to show up, unless there is some other reason not to start the race at that particular time. However, the start of the race is called the start of the Race Day.

What happens if the race gets delayed?

The race gets a delay with the start time and event’s duration. To get a more specific answer, you must look to the race calendar for details on all the event’s beginning hours.

What goes on during the Race Day or Race Week?

There is no need to follow too much information in this FAQ, so let’s just do a quick breakdown of what happens and what you can expect.

The Race Day ends around 8 pm in most events, and at midnight in special events. At other times in most events, you can expect your event to end before midnight. After the Race Day, you can expect your event to continue on through all Monday (or all Tuesday if the day is a Saturday or Sunday) and the Event Week is generally the last week of the August-September race season (usually) from the day your race starts until the start of the next race week. The event’s start time is generally 8:00 am. When are races usually over and are they always?

Most events are over around the 30 minute mark, but usually the start is extended from 12:00 pm on Saturday. A common way to extend the race to more

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