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A number of Kentucky students and staff went to work on Tuesday and began a new effort to rebrand the university.

Many of the school’s historic buildings were knocked down last week in the final moments of the final regular season game against Louisville.

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The school’s new Facebook page was started by a group of undergraduate students in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The new page focuses on “rebranding the University.”

While some students have expressed concerns about the new status, others have praised the effort.

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One user suggested the idea would be “a great opportunity for young people to showcase their talent and to show that we are all connected by this great university”.

“You can use this new page to show students, faculty, staff and alumni that we have a voice,” the user writes. “We can have one voice.”

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“Please let it go up. That is for YOU,” a student responds after posting comments praising the project.
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“I was just thinking this…and how awesome it would be if all of the old buildings actually turned into something new,” another user comments. “If these buildings turn into the “Bike for Campus”… that would be huge. Thank you!”

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University of Kentucky Student Association President Josh Cottrell told Campus Reform that the aim of the Bicameral Coalition to rebrand the school lies in the “transformation of the institution,” according to his email correspondence.

“The goal of this movement is to redefine the University because it currently lacks the identity it is attempting to create,” the administration’s website says.

“In addition, we must work to create an improved learning environment, create a greater sense of community, and develop leadership skills through the growth of a stronger, more cohesive student body.”

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