What killed Secretariat?

K.W. had become so ill that a specialist had to intervene in her bed, but then the doctor also suggested to her a possible cause, and the only one that could be the reason for her sudden health crisis was the sudden arrival of a new baby boy at her house. K.W. was given some pills before the arrival of her son, but that was all the medication she needed. However, there was no evidence of the pregnancy at all until K.W. had a miscarriage and discovered that the miscarriage was not her own fault. That was very surprising, since K.W. had been very unhappy that she was pregnant, and she did not believe that she had had sex with her husband. The fact that the baby had died was also very surprising.

So then there was the suicide, and we still don’t know the exact reason. The doctors thought at first that K.W. had taken an overdose from some sort of medicine at home, but then the pills also had strange side effects, including nausea and vomiting. The suicide caused very high public attention in India, as there was plenty of anger towards the country’s patriarchal systems. As this book will show, the case is no typical one, and this kind of story makes it very clear that even the most seemingly isolated and isolated incidents often have major consequences, whether or not the situation in question is considered

Another tragic episode occurred one year later, which may be explained as follows. One year previously, a girl had left home for a week, after which she decided to leave. It is assumed that she got a new boyfriend, who she had known back at home, and although a great deal of controversy had ensued over this decision, she was later confirmed to be “married” to another guy who was not from her childhood. That girl’s sister, who was then a 14 year old girl, was then allegedly asked to “marry” this man after his new girlfriend had discovered her. This new boyfriend was apparently a “friend” or acquaintance of K.W.’s sister, who could have done so because when they were both students, their fathers had been friends, and because of his previous “friends” and family connections. In fact, there was even a lot of suspicion that she had taken his new girlfriend for another man.
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I am personally skeptical of the story, because I have a suspicion that not only did K.W. know about the relationship between their parents, but that it wasn’t in fact