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Rowing is a team sport. Many of us have competed in our youth and are in a position to make the decision what is the smartest horse breed in the sport today. Many of us are able to name the top four but if you think about what a team sport is doing. I have read many of these lists and believe most don’t really take into consideration that each member of the team may be a special talent. Some of the names that came to mind as being the best horses of the past were “Toady”, and “Pigeon”, these were great horses and have great character.
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When we are faced with a difficult decision we all try to look at the big picture and make the best decision while considering all the factors involved. It has become important the more I am able to understand the different types of people involved in racing or the teams involved because it helps me to make a more informed decision when evaluating horses! I have always said I believe in the underdog.

What is the best race to enter/win?

The best race to enter with a team is the Kentucky Derby. It’s the biggest race in the nation. The Kentucky Derby is the best race for entry with a team. I believe there are a couple of different reasons why it is the best. One is that the team will have the opportunity to win the event. A team entering with a good team will win a race. Another is that each member of the team also has a chance of winning races. When you have multiple horses who all have great personalities and are good to go, you will be winning races. A good thing many people overlook is that these horses can run and win all over the country. I have run with and against many of these races with teams and have seen many great teams win the Derby and many of the other best races.

What is your opinion on the current state of horse racing?

I believe that we are a world class sport and we have much left to do. Many of our top racers are still in the game. Some are racing out of their comfort zone; they have a very difficult job in this sport and the amount of training must be well above average to maintain at a high level. We have a lot more development and preparation going on these days than even 25 years ago. This gives us great chance to bring new riders in and help develop them. The amount of effort and focus that the teams put into the breeding of their horses, the quality training of

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