What is the oldest horse race in the world?

“It’s the longest horse race in the world,” she says. “It’s the longest race in the world between six horses. It’s a 100 year old race, and that’s the oldest.”

Where has the oldest horse raced?

“It’s the oldest at Kona,” Carnevale says. “And it’s the only one in California.”

If a horse doesn’t run in the Olympic Games or a world championship at the age of 100, where did it ride that first time?

“It was a race on the road in California,” Carnevale says. “It was in an abandoned train, where all the horses are stored.”

There’s also the history of horses in California.

“In California there’s a great myth that this is the oldest race horse in the world. Most people say it’s the oldest horse race in the world,” Carnevale says. “I tell people here it’s no contest. This is probably the oldest race horse race in the world.”

“But most people don’t believe that,” says Mark Stutzman who works at the Marin County Humane Society.

Stutzman’s worked with horses and says there’s more to a horses life than just the racing.

“When he’s old enough to ride he has to have a license to hunt, and that’s a lot of time, it takes a long time for her to grow accustomed to the conditions,” he says.

Even as an old man, Mark Stutzman is still racing horses in a few races.

“The first time I raced a horse in a horse show in Northern California, it was at San Francisco,” Stutzman says. “That was the first time a horse showed up there with a driver. That was the first time I raced any race horse there.”

Mark Stutzman says there are at least nine races his horses run, and each time you can find another one.

“You can get in that little gray area, you can do what other people are doing, but I wouldn’t say I race,” he says.

How many races do you do a year in the race track?

“A lot,” Carnevale says.

It’s not just horses. There are other animals that do some race-stopping during the course of their everyday lives.

“There are people walking dogs to stop them from running, there are people carrying