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There are no official records of a race or rider until the beginning of the 19th century, but some accounts say that it happened in a field called Krasnevej.

It was said that this race was held in April in Krasnevej and that riders entered by carriage, horse-drawn cart, and on foot were expected to race to the finish line.

According to an old Russian chronicle, the race is still held. An example is this article by Dmitry Tretiak and Vladimir Stoyanov, from Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

How many people have won this horse race?

The earliest account is from the 19th century. According to the account from the 17th century, there were 50,000 riders and 10,000 participants.

When did the first race on horseback in Russia begin?

The first race was between 1832 and 1845. It also lasted 30 km (19 miles).

There was a tradition to compete in this race which was created to help the poorer peasants keep their horses. There will be two events, it was believed, the first was a test of fitness, and the second was to determine the health of the horses. The horse owners must go to church and pay a sacrifice of wheat.

How many riders have won this race in each year?

The oldest rider, according to the account, is from the first race in 1832.

It takes about one minute for a horse when he has run 10 km (6.4 miles), but there is no limit of time that they should race for.

When was the first time someone rode a horse in Russia?
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In the first race to finish in Krasnevej, there were 10 participants, 10 horse-drawn carts, and 10 horses racing.

The shortest rider in the horse race is probably a Russian named Ivan Kudalov. He is said to have run about 15.7 km (10.9 miles) in one minute.

Did you ever see a horse ride?

There was an interesting article about horses in Russian in the early 19th century. The horse race is depicted in this sketch by Dmitry Tretiak and in this picture by Vladimir Stoyanov.

The horse’s name in the description was Kuprov (Ivan’s horse), which means the Russian Ivan.

What’s more, a horse was

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