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The oldest race in the world in question is the Tour de France. The race, which is held annually in France, began in 1963. In fact, it was originally called the Tour de Mont-Tremblant, since its first race, the Tour de la Montagne, was also held in the region near the city of Le Mans on August 11 of that year. And it is even said that the first race ever to start the year in the Alps was even held in Mont-Tremblant, a race that took place in 1962.

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Where is the most expensive race?

It is the Giro d’Italia, which cost $17,932,500 to enter in 2013. That is considerably less than the Tour de France which cost $32.3 million in 2014 and the Vuelta a España which cost $13.7 million in 2013.

How long does it take to run for the marathon?

It takes the marathon about 3.5 miles depending on the distance you run.

Where does the longest race start?

If you were to attempt to begin a race somewhere outside of what we have listed before, you would have to go all the way to Cape Town, South Africa, before finally reaching Ethiopia’s Mameluha River.

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