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The most important factor in horse racing is money. I know this because as a trainer, I have heard this over and over. They won’t stop until they get $7 million. For the average horse lover—yes, even the non-race-fan and casual horse enthusiast—that is just too much.

What is the most important factor in sport?

The amount of time you spend with your family, friends, socializing.
Horse racing's tragic, wild ride culminates at Breeders ...

What is the most important factor in sports?

The money you put away into things you enjoy, like baseball or hockey or football.

How much money is it? The biggest professional teams have millions. The average American football team, for example, has been around for more than a century. The average NBA franchise has three-and-a-half times that, and the average NHL team at roughly $4 million—not to mention other smaller entities like a university and a college. The reason for this is that money is the most important factor. If it is not there, nothing is. Money is how you can get through life, so you spend as much as you feel like spending. You spend so much that the idea of being a millionaire doesn’t appear in the conversation.

If that is the case, then I would give up on money, and all the perks and privileges associated with it. Instead, what is the most important factor in sports? If you can’t decide, you can look to the people who win a lot of money in sports, such as John Wooden of UCLA and Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, who both won the most money in basketball and baseball—each with more than $80 million—and even former U.S. Presidents and Olympic medalists.

How do you choose your most important interests and goals? When you have no choice, what are you the most concerned about, and how do you spend your time to meet them?

When I am in my 50s, I want to be a coach. I love playing, and when I am 70 years old, I would want to coach again. It’s like choosing the most important thing.

My passion is being at the race track at race time every year, being on the sidelines when others are racing, as if it were just another sport. When I go on television and sit in front of the camera, though, I am trying to tell the viewers what I’ve seen, rather than simply presenting a story about the athletes I

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