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(Cf. Livy, 2.1.20)

4. Horse is made and made over

4. Horse = man

5. Is man a horse?

5. Is horse a woman?

6. Was Jesus born at Bethlehem?

6. Was Jesus born at the same time as John the Baptist?

7. Was Christ born in the same day as the apostle James?

8. Would Jesus have been able to take the form of any animal?

8. Did Christ take the form of a swan, a camel or a donkey?

9. Can a swan carry a horse?

9. Can a camel or a donkey carry a rider?

10. If Christ was indeed man, how does that help us know that he was real?

10. Is real what we don’t see?

I have attempted to make sense of this passage from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (in the book of Ephesians). It can also be read from the perspective of what are known as “scientific” theories about evolution. This is a subject I think we can all agree was not intended to be considered “scientific” by those who wrote the letter. The authors of the letter were interested purely in the message of the gospel of Christ and wanted to help followers of Christ. To do this they decided it was important for them to have faith in God and the teachings of the New Testament. So they wanted an explanation of the doctrine and purpose of Christ which was grounded in the New Testament.

So the idea that Jesus was made from the dust of the earth by God and that He is God’s creature and not God’s creature must be considered as either true, not true or incorrect. It is as though they thought a person who said he was God’s creation might have an issue with the belief that Jesus was made of the dust of the earth by God and that He is God’s creature.

What they mean when they argue that Jesus was made over the same period as the first man is that the “matter” behind Christ was in fact the “matter” that made its own way into the “form” of Jesus. If this were true it would mean that the “matter” that caused He was also caused by the “matter” in which He was originally made and could therefore therefore not be “made over”. It is as though the matter, which caused the formation of both Adam and

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