What is nap of the day?

It is a daily sleep period when you are awake at a fixed time. You should only take naps at the end of you work day, before going home to sleep. So it is very important not to miss any naps (even small ones). You may feel fatigued at rest of the day. In the morning you need to take a nap if you want to have a good sleep. When we talk about taking naps to maximize your sleep time, we should try to take them during your work day. If your day is very busy the nap may not be needed.

How to nap?

Naps may be taken at any time during your working day. You may even start taking naps at your bed time. When you are at your room you may leave your computer at your bedtime and may take another nap when you get up.

You may take a nap on the way to work. You may leave your computer at your desk and be able to sleep at your desk when you go back to your room.

If you get to work very late you may want to take a nap after lunch on your way home. If your working late you may want to try to nap on the way home. If you are tired you may not be able to nap on the way home.

The key to napping is not to sleep too much.

How to nap?

How to sleep nap.

Do not worry about how much time you take to nap.

Sleep takes 2-4 minutes.

After about 3-5 hours sleep takes a little longer.

What is the best time to nap?
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The best time to nap is between 1st and 12th hour of sleep.

How to find a good sleeping position

To make your sleep more comfortable and comfortable, try to find a comfortable sleeping position. You will sleep better if you have a comfortable place for you to sleep. If you have a bed or sofa or something else like that in your rooms you will sleep better, in fact, you should try to find a comfortable place for sleeping in your room.

Your bed or the sofa or the floor, in fact, anything in the room you may be doing will be good for your health and you feel more comfortable.

Where to sleep?

If you are staying in a hotel you may want to sleep in your room, in your own room, on the floor or somewhere else in the