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The nap of the day is a special time, just like one hour before or after you go to bed or the time you wake up. It is an easy time to enjoy your morning as usual, and also a good time to rest and recover.

What is nap of the day for me?

The nap, or just to be precise, a nap, is a special time during the day that you should take as your normal sleeping practice.

Here’s how to do it and what you should do?

First you have to figure out what you think is your nap:

If you think you wake up at 6am.

Go to bed at noon.

When you wake up, you’ll be surprised by the light switch that you’ve forgotten.

If you think you wake up at 8am.

Go to bed at 10am.

When you wake up you feel refreshed.

When you get back to work, you’ll feel like working even more.

If you think that your nap starts and stops only at lunchtime.

Go to dinner or breakfast at noon.

You don’t know when you’ll go to bed yet, so you can go to a nap anywhere.

Here are some things you can do to make a nap:

Get a nap of the day card to help when you are planning.

Try to make an easy nap schedule, like you always do!

If you always have to stay up at the same time and want to nap at the regular hour, read your schedule, don’t skip to noon, and go to bed at the same time.

Have an easy nap with some friends, or go with them to relax later in the evening, if you are feeling tired.

Have a nap during work.

Take a nap outdoors or in a room with no furniture, and let it be.

Have a nap with your children.

Have a nap during a vacation.

Have a nap in bed.

If you have to be at work on Sunday at 2pm, make that your nap!

Find more nap tips.

5. Exercise

Many of the habits of a successful professional can be traced to this good habit:


For everyone! Exercise is what most of the successful people I knew have in common. That’s why a lot of them make sure to get plenty

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