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As the name implies, it is the last thing your brain does before you fall asleep and is made up of the three most important components of the sleep cycle, melatonin, cortisol, and NREM sleep.

As for why it is so important for the brain, it is based on recent research conducted by Professor Peter DeFries (and colleagues), which shows the circadian rhythms of our bodies influence our bodies’ natural ability to make important chemical markers called estrogens and androgens.

This is why being in your own bed when you are going to bed is particularly important for the body to make its best biological contribution: it is only after sleep that you can produce the hormones that the body needs to get itself off your back and get you to another point in your life. This can mean getting through another bad week or a rough school year.

So, after you’ve had good sleep, it’s time to have good quality sleep. To do this, you want to make sure that your sleep gets at least eight hours a night (which is the normal amount to have between 8am and 8pm). This is where the “tricks” come in: the time when we can take the longest nap.

Naps that last at least eight hours are called REM sleep. Some people, however, prefer a nap even if just five minutes or so. According to studies by our scientists, the REM frequency gets so high that it is the only time that we need to avoid sleep for a full two hours. This is why we can nap for long periods – not just when we are tired – but even when we are still hungry.

In fact, our team from the University of California at San Diego have found that in the morning after a four-hour nap, you would not even feel thirsty if you had a cup of coffee.
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The good news is that your body will make a strong and healthy alarm clock for the first hour and 45 minutes of your nap, since it knows that all you need is a little sleep. As a result, you’ll be able to get good quality sleep as well as making the most of your time in the middle of a long day.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 easy tips to make long nap time a dream:

#1 The best time in the morning is when you wake up at the beginning of the day

This is the best time to have a good nap. That is, in fact, when it is

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