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Heavy ground is the lowest part of the rung (at least that’s the term I understand). When the runner gets hit, the runner’s body is able to absorb the energy and it’s not a hit so that they go back up in the opposite direction.
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If the runner is in a normal running posture, a normal posture means that the legs stay flat to the ground. There is no heavy ground. If the runner is sitting on their butt, the legs stay above the ground because they are in a normal position. If the runner turns their head and turns their body, the legs still stay below the ground.

Most runners have heavy, or very heavy feet as well. This puts extra stress on the knees which can lead to knee injury and joint replacement when the runner falls over. The ankle is also highly mobile with a large mass of fat.

How common is heavy ground?

A large number of people get hurt this way, with a disproportionate number of people getting hurt when standing on their head and legs.

A study published in the journal Medicine and Physics of International Interest says:

“The percentage of injury due to head impact and back acceleration [during] a 6-min speed (walking) experiment in healthy men was 11.5%, 6.5% and 8.3% in the first, third and fourth stages of the task; during the fourth stage, there was no difference. In contrast, the numbers in the first and fourth stages of the task (during which only 30 s (10 m) were available for each of the five phases of the task, respectively) showed an injury rate of 13.2%, 11.5%, 8.7% and 5.4%. No significant differences were noted between the first stage, third stage or the fifth stage.”

What kinds of injuries are caused by heavy ground?

It is quite common as far as I know for runners to get knee problems from sitting on their front legs. This is especially the case when the runner is too heavy for his/her body to hold on to his/her legs. The knee can overstraddle as the leg’s movement pulls the weight of the person back up onto his/her knee.

More serious problems can occur when the runner is thrown over his/her head. Even more seriously, runners can get hip or knee problems. For example, in the case of running with an injury to one of the hip joint (or knee joint) and being thrown

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